Thursday, November 15, 2007

Musuem of Bad Album Covers

This one has made the rounds, but the Museum of Bad Album Covers is a never-ending source of amusement. Check it out here:

Museum of Bad Album Covers

Here are a few more choice examples (click any cover to enlarge):

I would have loved to hear the pitch for this one. "Guys, I've got the prefect idea for our the album cover..."

I think these space-age dudes made a reappearance in the 90s in Andrew Lloyd Webber's rollerskating musical, "Starlight Express":

uhm. white guy. there it is. the definition.

Look closely at the guy's head... uh... the one on top of his shoulders... it is the worst cut and paste job I've ever seen!

I bet these ladies know how to paaarrrrrr---ttttttttttaayyyyy!

Just another mom "dropping the kids off at the pool"...

All we are saying...

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