Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Insults from the Clinton Campaign

One Clinton aide yesterday derided Mr Obama’s victories in "boutique" caucus states rather than the hardscrabble terrain of the rustbelt, saying: "Obama has won the small caucus states with the latte-sipping crowd. They don’t need a president, they need a feeling."

This crap has got to stop. Seriously. It is arrogant, condescending, anti-democratic as hell and really hurtful to the party in places where, for the first time in a loooonnngggg time, the party is showing some signs of life.

As a resident of a "red state" that went overwhelmingly for Obama a month or so back, this kind of rhetoric has infuriated huge numbers of potential new Democratic voters. Oh, and by the way, not too many folks out this way would describe themselves as "latte-sipping." In fact, my state is one of the most hard-working (and fairly poor, particularly in the rural areas) in the nation. And, for the record, Hill, the two-thirds who voted for Obama over you in Nebraska based their assessment, by and large, on the issues. But how would you know since you never even came to our state. As you have said, we are "insignificant" to you and your campaign...

Again, this rhetoric is so unbelievably dumb and condescending. So, Hillary and Co... Farg off, already!

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