Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So, the ugliness will continue...

So, Hillary squeaked by in 3 out of 4 contests yesterday, winning RI, OH and TX, but losing VT. Her campaign is spinning this as a "comeback" and Obama is focusing on the delegate count, which remains in his favor. The strange thing about the "comeback" narrative is that Clinton was leading TX, RI and OH by 20 points or so just a couple of weeks back, so in fact she lost lots of ground between then and yesterday. Each week, her team moves the goal-posts to keep them in the race. On the other score, the math continues to be incredibly daunting for her and Obama remains in the drivers seat for the nomination, but the damage Hillary is doing now with all of her nastiness will not only hurt him in upcoming primaries and caucuses, but also in the general election.

What last night assured is that this thing moves on and that it is only going to get uglier and nastier from the Clinton camp. Their willingness to smear the guy who will probably be the nominee, even going so far as to side with John McCain time and again against Obama, is reprehensible. The clear lesson from the last week or so is that ugly, negative politics is effective in America. And, as long as that continues, the Democrats' prospects in the Fall diminish and McCain grows stronger. Sad.

So, it is gut-check time for Obama and his supporters. What do you think will happen...?

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