Saturday, May 03, 2008

Music, Sweet Music

We went to Kansas City on Thursday night to see Alicia Keys, one of Drea's absolute favorites. I must say, at the risk of losing my manly-man card, I dig her, too, and she was really great live. This might sound strange, but one of the things I dig about Alicia is that she is a woman with some broad hips and meaty thighs, and she proudly struts her stuff. In a world of paper thin models and unhealthy female body images at every turn, it is pretty righteous to see Alicia comfortable in her skin and flaunting it. It is really appealing...

This one is called "Sure Looks Good to Me," and it is nice and soulful:

Later tonight, we are going to see EOTO, a couple of the guys from the now broken-up String Cheese Incident, who make funky, groovable, percussive, electronic music:

Dig it...

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