Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Predicting IN and NC

Ok, I nailed Pennsylvania, so here is my prediction for the results of today's NC and IN primaries:

• Clinton will win Indiana by 5-8 points
• Obama will win the larger and more delegate rich NC contests by 10-13 points

I'd love to see Obama squeeze that Indiana number down to 2-3, but I'm not counting on it, nor am I holding my breath for an Obama win there. But, I also won't be surprised if Obama wins NC by more like 15+...

Hillary is running out of time and contests to make the big game-changer. So, if my above predictions hold true, expect the trickle of Superdelegates that have been consistently moving toward Obama to pick up steam over the next week...

UPDATE - 5/7/08: Well, it was better than I hoped. Obama won by 14 points in NC and nearly pulled off the epic upset in IN before losing by 2 points there. This pretty much ends it, folks. It's all over, thank you for playing the "2008 Democratic Nominating Process Game." There is a bit of an end game that will now play out, but we definitely have a nominee and his name is Barack Obama! Let's bring it together everyone. It was a tough primary with lots of bruised feelings, but we must now unify for victory over McCain in the Fall...

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