Friday, June 06, 2008

Reflections On RFK

NPR had some very good coverage of the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination the other day and I think it is worth reposting here. Check it out!

"RFK's Shooting Turned Photographer into Historian"
"Writer Remembers RFK's Death"
"Jack Newfield, Looking for the Man in RFK Myth"
"RFK Assassination Sparked Changes in Secret Service"
"RFK Delivers News of King's Death"
"Should Site of RFK Assassination Be Preserved?"
"Pete Hamill Recalls RFK"
"Ted Sorensen Recalls Tragedy Repeated"

Here is one of RFK's '68 ads:

Another RFK campaign ad:

Here is a bunch of different excerpts of RFK talking on various subjects:

RFK and those crowds!

Here is footage of RFK in South African in 1966:

RFK Smacks Down Republicans and Joins Chavez on Picket Line:

Walter Cronkite coverage of 1968 California primary:

RFK on Merv Griffin Show in '67:
part 1
part 2
part 3

RFK on Jack Parr show in '64:

Here is the trailer for a new documentary, "RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy":

Here is a 2-part report that suggests the CIA had a hand in the RFK assassination:

And, lastly, Nebraska Public Television did a very good documentary on the 1968 election in our state. It was the last year (before 2008!) that our state mattered in a presidential race!!

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