Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Visit Ocean City, MD, Before the Oceans Evaporate!

I was born in Baltimore. Currently, one of my brothers and his family, along with my entire extended family, live there. In addition, my folks will be moving back to Baltimore from Cleveland in the next couple of years. So, I've got some Baltimore cred. As a kid, we used to go to Ocean City, Maryland, every summer to swim in the Atlantic, body surf, walk the boardwalk, fly kites, play miniature golf, and eat seafood. Recently, the mayor of Ocean City cut a really funny tourism ad for the city that is worth 1.5 minutes of your time to check out. Here it is:

And, just for the fun of it, here are some random family shots from our early days at Ocean City:

My cousin Christine, buried in the sand, circa 1970s:

Christine and my brother Jeff:

My brothers in the stockade and panning for "gold" at "Frontier Town":

My mom with stylee shades in the 1970s...

Two of my parents' best friends, The Kables, sitting on the beach. Nice swimming cap, Mrs. Kable!

My mom and grandmom Pearl. My grandmother died in 1972, so this is an early shot!

My parents standing at the shoreline. Nice hat, dad!

My dad in his old school bathing suit:

My mom on the beach... circa 1980s?


  1. luv it! definitely a more personal side of u... and man do i miss bMore seafood + kikin it in oc during summer. i am out in vegas now + could cry that i cant just go out 4 a bushel no more. u r lucky;)

  2. Thanks, anon.

    I live in Nebraska currently, so you can't get much further away from fresh seafood that that! But, we are headin' to Baltimore next week and, while we won't make it to the ocean this time, we can't wait to crack open some of those steamed crabs coated in Old Bay seasoning! (cue Homer Simpson voice: "mmmmmmmmmm.... ccrrrraaaaaaabbbbbssss!"

  3. What a bizarre commercial! I haven't seen it locally yet. Thanks for sharing!
    So I as wondering...where are my royalties for my beach modeling job at age 5?
    Call us when you get to to get crabs too!