Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two Good Things About the Obama Revolution...

I have long said that as much as I like Obama as my candidate for President, I don't view him, or any other president, as the end all be all for social change. Of course, the presidency is a crucial seat of power; unlike some other progressive/lefties, I think it matters. But, I think what will determine whether Obama is a good or great president is the degree to which the rest of the citizenry organizes and presses that institution, along with others (most notably the legislature), to make good on the promise for change. In this way, WE all play the crucial role in determining our collective future. Politics does not end and begin with a national election every four years. Politics happens every day.

To this end, I like the following two ideas:

Obama's Summer Organizing Camp for Your Adults. The point of this camp is to give younger people some organizing training, just like Obama himself received when he became a community organizer in Chicago.

Ideas from the Grassroots: Oh Boy Obama! "is the unofficial campaign think-tank. Created by Obama supporters for the purpose of giving the Obama grassroots a platform to submit and vote on ideas to better the 2008 primary and general election campaign of Barack Obama. All supporters are welcome to contribute."

Both of these efforts aim at getting citizens more actively involved in politics. They emanate from the idea that WE are the source of power and ideas, ultimately. WE have a responsibility as overseers of our democracy. WE must act to make change happen...

What will YOU do to ensure greater democracy in the U.S.? What will YOU do to help make our society more humane and just?

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