Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bill Maher's "Religulous"

Bill Maher has made a documentary film on religion, "Religulous." The film is directed by "Borat" helmsman, Larry Charles. This one is bound to offend a slew of people. The film also has a blasphemy parody site,

Here is the film's trailer:

Here is an interview with Maher on Larry King:

Uhhhhh... any thoughts about this?


  1. Well, it has a terrible title.

    It's the comedy-doc answer to Ben Stein's "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."

    It's going to be quite controversial because, from what I've read, it makes the argument that Muslims are more prone to violence.

    Bill Maher's haughty personality will repel many viewers. It will fail in convincing any believers to admit their tenets are ridiculous. There doesn't seem much point to this movie even being made...

  2. I'm with you most of the way, Jared. Maher is often quite arrogant; he's no Borat. I can't imagine that this film is going to lead to much fruitful dialog, or transformation. Many devout Christians, Muslims, etc. will simply feel attacked and offended. Those who might snicker at it, already probably disdain religion. There doesn't appear to be much in between; there rarely is in Maher's shtick. There might, in fact, be a good documentary to be done about the various manifestations of Christianity in the U.S., a film that plays with the numerous contradictions in the faith and highlights the crass commercialism that has pervaded it and sometimes just the plain hilarity of it, a film that even ultimately has a critique at the core if it (think Jesus Camp, Dogma, or Saved!)... but this just doesn't seem to be that. But, it is impossible to know, completely, without seeing it.