Friday, August 15, 2008

"Democracy: A Steady, Loving Confrontation"

The following 5 minute film is a finalist for the upcoming short film festival that will be a part of the Democratic Noational Convention in Denver. The film was directed by Jen Saffron (MFA) in conjunction with seven university students. The class hit the road to the heart of the South, interviewing civil rights activists about their fight for equality and what it means in the face of Sen. Barack Obama's bid for the Presidency. The film features historical figures from the Movement and leaders working for change today.

Check it out. It is a great example of what good teachers can do with a small group of energized and dedicated students. The film is inspirational and insightful:

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  1. "Democracy: A Steady, Loving Confrontation" is an excellent film .. the content is great and really worth watching