Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Ideas: Push Health Care Back to the Center of the Debate

Check out "Not What the Doctor Ordered", The Toldeo Blade's excellent, extensive and damning probe of the U.S. health care crisis. It highlights already well known struggles of folks without any health insurance, or with woefully inadequate insurance, but also concludes that even "people with health insurance were harmed because insurance interfered" in their case.

Here is a brief video introduction to the Blade's series...

Health care is a winning, bread & butter issue for the Democrats and they need to get it back in the forefront of the political debate.

To that end, I heartily agree with journalist Bill Boyarsky, who argues in "Prescription for a Democratic Win,"
As Barack Obama moves into the Democratic National Convention, he should speak out more clearly and forcefully on an issue that clearly distinguishes him from his do-nothing opponent—national health insurance.

Nothing illustrates John McCain’s dedication to laissez-faire economics more than his plan to change, although not to improve, a health insurance system that now increasingly fails to meet the needs of Americans.

And nothing illustrates Obama’s failure so far to put some meat on his campaign than his inability to nail McCain on this issue and to speak specifically and powerfully about his own excellent plan, which he announced early in the campaign.
This is important advice; I hope someone in the Obama campaign is getting the message...

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