Friday, November 07, 2008

BREAKING: Obama Gets NE District 2 (Omaha-land) Electoral Vote!

Great news! It has just been announced here in Nebraska that Obama earned the District 2 electoral college vote in Nebraska. District 2 is made up of Omaha-land, essentially. This is the first time in 40-odd years that a Democrat has won an electoral vote in the state and the first time ever that the electoral votes of Nebraska have been split. It is a HUGE victory for us locally and a nice thank-you for all the hard-work so many local people did around here to make this a reality.


  1. More good news from this historic election! We only lost Big MO by 5,000 votes.

    There is certainly something new happening throughout the land. My sincere HOPE is that this new spirit of bipartisanship can remain when "O' takes office.

    We need to fix our country (and the world) financial infrastructure before we can begin the journey forward. O's brief economic speech yesterday proved that he grasps this reality.


    Cautiously Optimistic in Missouri