Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Worlds of Sound": The 60th Anniversary of Folkways

NPR had a nice program honoring the 60th anniversary of Folkways Records:
Sixty years ago, Moses Asch set out with the lofty ambition to record "all the sound of the world." He established Folkways Records — "the little label that could" — and in the decades that followed, Folkways recorded everything from folk singers, to jazz greats, to sounds of the natural world.

Worlds Of Sound, a new book by Richard Carlin, details the history of Smithsonian Folkways and how Asch and his collaborators were able to "capture the soundscape of a century."
You can listen to the program and read an excerpt from Carlin's book here.

The Old-Time Herald has a nice article detailing Asch's life, the establishment/development of Folkways and its ultimate merger with Smithsonian.

Here is Asch, from the pages of Sing Out! in 1961, declaring himself for folk music.

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