Sunday, November 02, 2008

Shirley Nagle, Meanie!

In a move that pretty much sums up the grumpy old campaign of McCain/Palin, an affluent resident of Gross Pointe Farms, Michigan, Shirley Nagle, refused to give candy to children of Obama supporters on Halloween. Seriously. Check it out:

Make her day by helping this video go viral. Pass the link to as many folks as possible...


  1. Unreal.

    Your collection is beautiful.

    Can you help spread the word at this 11th hour about this conservatives for Obama site?:

    It's a great site for folks to email to the undecided or persuadable voters in their lives, esp those in toss up states.

    It lists all the conservatives supporting Obama, and offers quotes from many about why.


  2. What an evil woman! I like how they emphasize her name ..."Her neighbors say her name is SHIRLEY NAGLE!' (thats the house you wanna toliet paper and leave the brown stinky bag, kids!)

    Simply if kids have any control over who their parents vote for. (Wonder if any kid said 'Neither candidate' what she would have did? Poured out half the M-n-Ms and given them HALF?

    I would hate to be her neighbor...OR her right now!

  3. Someone who lives near her, PLEASE egg her house next year. I say no treats -- time for some TRICKS!

  4. talk about being Un-American.

    it's really pathetic to take one's frustration out on innocent little children!!

    I believe we haven't heard the last from nagle since she probably will be watched for being so cold and nasty.