Friday, July 06, 2007

Brown v. Board of Education, R.I.P.? (part III)

My good pal, T.J. Mertz, over in my old stomping ground of Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the smartest guys around when it comes to education and policy issues. He has written on the recent Supreme Court case over at his blog. You need to scroll through the local educational politics to get to the Supreme Court stuff, but it is worth the effort. T.J. has posted some excellent resources. Check it out and pester him with comments:

T.J. Mertz Education Blog

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  1. Thanks Patrick.

    Here are direct links to the supreme court posts (a couple more to come).,com_jd-wp/Itemid,31/p,203/,com_jd-wp/Itemid,31/p,202/,com_jd-wp/Itemid,31/p,200/