Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Olbermann Comment: "Bush and Cheney Resign!"

Olbermann displays courage once again. As a historian, I particularly appreciate the historical consciousness he brings to his analyses...


  1. I agree on this.

    I would like Congress to be more combative.

    I am well aware in the 1970s that people of the Republican Party (of Cheney's ilk) argued that the Hughes-Ryan Act endangered American intelligence agencies.

    Of course, the commutation of Libby's sentence as you may be aware left in fines in place. Libby can appeal those, and as a result apparently, he cannot be subpoenaed.

    I know that my right wing godfather (wonderful man that he is) has given up on the Bush Administration now he sends me junk email explaining how Barack Obama is a member of al-Qaida.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    This is Steve Leahy.

    Steve Leahy

  3. The whole "he still has to deplete his life saving to pay the fine" line by the President is disingenuous since a group of conservatives has been raising funds (in the millions of dollars) for Libby for months. In addition, as a loyal soldier for the administration, conservative business leaders, think tanks, etc., will be lining up around the block to reward Libby with jobs and other lucrative opportunities for years to come. And then there is the inevitable book deal... His bottom line will expand, not detract from all this.