Thursday, July 12, 2007

March for Peace, pt. IV

The photos in this section, as well as the last one in the previous post are taken as Mike, Ashley and some locals (including my girlfriend Drea) set off on foot for Omaha, 50 miles northeast of Lincoln. The other photos in the previous post are of Mike and Ashley (and me) heading into Lincoln this morning. because they lost some time in the Nevada desert, they rode bikes for the last few days, but are now back on their feet...


  1. Yo cousin!! Great blog, I'll be a loyal reader.

    Nice to see the anti-war movement in Hageland. Tell those bikers not to stop in DC and continue to across the Atlantic to Finland! Lots of anti-war advocates here, around 99% (plus or minus 1%). They'll be in good company.

  2. wow, this is a really cool thing that I didnt even know was going on. Kudos to drea for walking with.