Friday, July 06, 2007

Urban Culture Project (Kansas City)

I am interested in urban redevelopment that is humane, democratic, environmentally sound, economically feasible for most people, and creative. In this vein, the Urban Culture Project in K.C. is doing some very interesting things. Thanks to my friend Dan Siedell, former Curator of The Sheldon memorial Art Museum here in Lincoln and current Art History professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, for bringing my attention to the UCP. Check it out:

Urban Culture Project (Kansas City,USA)

I'd be interested to hear more about similar organizations and projects aimed at revitalizing urban communities around the country. I'd also like to hear what folks think are the pros and cons of these types of urban redevelopment projects...


  1. WorldChanging has great info on urban development with plenty of examples of what's working for people in terms of Shelter, Cities & Community.

    The Intititute Without Boundaries has the World House Project that will design a sustaining, universal and healthy human dwelling.

    Very cool stuff.

  2. Wow! Very cool, Justin... Thanks for bringing this to our attention.