Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize"

This is a really beautiful song.

If you have never seen the Flaming Lips live, you really owe it to yourself to catch them. An amazing experience, chok full of streamers and glow sticks and people dressed up as animals and superheroes and aliens and santa claus, and strange videos, Wayne Coyne talking about God knows what... Awwwwww, forget it. There is no way to adequately explain it in words. Just trust me. Go see 'em...


  1. I had the good fortune of catching the Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth a couple summers ago. Both 'surreal' and 'unadulterated joy' encapsulated the Lips' set. While the particulars of the Lips' performances alone are bizare, the set was made all the stranger to see dancing aliens & Santas, Wayne's man-sized hamster ball and microphone/throat camera, immense confetti cannons, and the standard hipsters all on the lawn outside of Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs. Allegedly Connor Oberst of Omaha's Brights Eyes was one of the Santas on stage. Truly strange.

  2. Yeah, we saw that, too, at Wakarusa two summers ago and Bonnaroo last summer. Coyne explained in Kansas that the aliens vs santas thing was about fanaticism. The Santas represented Christians and the aliens Scientologists!