Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Establishment Strikes Back! Now What??!!?

Striking a courageous blow for the status quo, it looks like the Establishment and the old blue hairs are going to make sure we won't have an insurgency or any real change AGAIN this year...

Has anyone been paying attention to the Clinton campaign over the last few days??!! Where's the outrage? They proved once again that the dirty, negative stuff always works. Smear, smear, smear. Willfully lie, distort, lie, distort, smear... oh, and then cynically play the victim by crying. Beautiful! Is that the kind of politic you want to embrace? Is that the kind of politic that embodies your vision of the Democratic Party? Is that the kind of politic out of which to build something new? It is one thing to fight back against the Republican attack machine, but it is another thing entirely to employ those same despicable tactics against a member of your own party. I am ashamed to be associated with a party and a candidate who will so clearly do anything to advance her own ambition... and the fact that so many so-called liberal/progressives have uncritically picked up the Clinton campaign's talking points about Obama is particularly disheartening.

It was a masterful display of our politics at their worst in NH.

What do you think? What happens from here...?

In the meantime, here is some music to lift your spirits:

Bob Marley, "Revolution"... ("It takes a revolution, to make a solution")

Wyclef Jean, "If I was President"



  2. I can not wait for SC with its very large population of black voters. I would verture to guess that Mr. Obama will recieve 75%+ of the black vote. What will you guys and gals have to say about that. So if it is OK for the black voters of SC to vote their hearts or race. Wouldn't it also be OK for the "Blue Hairs" of NH to vote their hearts or race. You have referred to these voters as racest. What will the good black voters of SC be called?