Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You, John!

John Edwards has decided to abandon his quest for the presidency today by heading back to where it all began for him, New Orleans. I want to take this opportunity to STRONGLY praise Edwards and his campaign, particularly for raising the two issues that are closest to my own heart: the tragic link between race and poverty as well as the undemocratic influence of corporations on our political system. It was a noble campaign that just could not break through against the two other celebrity candidates. It is a shame, but his voice was, and continues to be, an important one.

Here's to you, John! Thank you.

By the way, how does Attorney General in an Obama administration sound?


  1. Endorse Obama, Endorse Obama, Endorse Obama!

  2. One (pseudo)anti-corporate candidate bows out, but another truly anti-corporate activist is considering a run: If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, do you plan to support her campaign? Or, would you support a third-party candidate like Nader?

  3. I plan to support Obama all the way to the White House, Jared! But, should Clinton get the nomination, I'll be very torn. In reality, Democratic votes don't count in Nebraska, so it won't matter if I vote for Hillary, or Nader or Bruce Springsteen. The Republican will win NE... So, in effect, if you aren't a Republican, you are free to follow your conscience.

    FYI: I'm not a big Nader fan these days...

  4. I plan to support Obama all the way to the White House as well. But, I'm also planning for the worst. :)

    After Springsteen's last two albums, I'd support him as well.

    Could you explain more about why you're not a big Nader fan?