Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Die-In" at UNL

Yesterday, about 15-20 people participated in a symbolic "die-in" on the University of Nebraska campus to dramatize the human toll of the war in Iraq and challenge the link between Iraq and 9/11. Most of the folks were members of the Lincoln Coalition for Peace. A few local media outlets turned out to film the protest and a couple dozen students milled around commenting on the scene. In a moment of candor, one pro-war student blurted out to Sarah McCammon, our friendly NPR reporter, something to the effect: "We're going to need their oil sooner or later anyhow, so we might as well go in now and take it." Well, at least she is straight-up about it...

Members of the UNL chapter of Nebraskans for Peace plan a similar, but larger, protest before the much-hyped primetime USC-Nebraska football game here in Lincoln this Saturday night. ESPN will even be in town...

This event was also a precursor to a city-wide rally/protest to be held earlier on Saturday in conjunction with the national day of action. The demonstration begins at 11am in front of the Federal Building in downtown Lincoln and will feature music by RC Dub, our favorite local reggae band! (RC Dub website)

Here are some photos I took at the "die-in" (click any photo to enlarge):

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