Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day (pt. II) - 5 Myths About Work

In honor of Labor Day, History News Network has a nice brief piece on "Top 5 Myths About Work." Here are the myths they take on:

Myth 1: The Work Ethic Is Dead
Myth 2: Workers Are Often Lazy Because Unions Protect Them
Myth 3: The Forty-Hour Work Week Is Sacrosanct in American Tradition
Myth 4: Immigrants Always Worked Hard
Myth 5: Parks Are for Relaxation After a Hard Day at Work

To read what they have to say about these myths, click here:
HNN: Top Five Myths About Work

What do you think about work in America today? What is your opinion of unions and organized labor?


  1. I'm almost finished with Naomi Klein's No Logo where she details the rise of anti-corporate activism as corporate America closes in on choice, space & jobs. What it means when jobs go off shore, export processing zones & the growth of temps as unions are increasingly squashed before they can get off the ground.

    Exellent OnPoint that has Robert Reich discussing Supercapitalism that brings us dirt cheap blue jeans, falling wages & no job security, amongst other things.

    My work ethic isn't dead. But that's because my job doesn't feel like work most of the time.

    Most people I know work around 60 hours a week or more, but doing something they enjoy.

    And workers are lazy because that's what corporations need to strive. A lazy, bored & tired populace that have no idea what it means to be a citizen.

  2. Yeah, that citizenship thing is crucial. The info-tainment state allows us the chimera that we are engaged and active... cause we are surfing the web... but, in fact, American civic engagement is severely atrophied and this works to the status quo's advantage. They would like nothing more than a pacified citizenry, just like they prefer a pacified market place where a few huge multi-national corporations dominate. I have long thought that a "democracy" movement" is necessary in the U.S. before any other serious reform is possible...