Sunday, September 23, 2007

This summer...

This summer, we got cool new bicycles. My favorite thing to do on a bike is tool around, so we got old-style cruisers.

Drea's bike:

My wheels:

She got a cool bell:

... and basket:

I got a chrome rack:

... and nifty double-wide tires:

Oh, yeah, we got a dog, too. Introducing Kaya Jones:

... peace dog:

Kaya (pronounced keye-ya) is part lab, party husky (a "labusky," or is it "huskabrador"?) and currently weighs 19 pounds. She is five months old. We estimate her birthday is May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!). She has one dark brown eye and one sky-blue eye. In Rastafari, Kaya means "enlightenment." In Sanskrit, Kaya refers to the three forms of the Buddha, body, mind and spirit. So, our Kaya is destined to be a very deep and spiritual dog! Maybe she is the reincarnation of some ancient lama? She definitely lives in the moment...

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