Sunday, September 16, 2007

☮ UNL NFP Leads Game Day "Die-In"

The UNL chapter of Nebraskans for Peace lead a "die-in" today on campus before the nationally televised USC-UNL football game. The idea behind the protest was to take the peace movement to people who are outside of the "choir" and to confront them with the question, "What will you DO to end the occupation?" About 30 people, including some members of the Lincoln Coalition for Peace, put their bodies on the ground in symbolic protest of the ongoing Iraq war. The response from the sea of red and white passers-by was often indifferent, but of those that gave a response, I would say that more than half were positive and supportive and only a few were hostile or angry. At one point an older gentleman engaged two of the protesters and later a young vet angrily jawed at the group. In both cases, the demonstrators talked back in calm and deliberate tones and, I think, won the day. Both the older man and the younger military guy softened their views (retreated, in fact) by the end of the exchange. Special credit should be given to Nic Swiercek, a first year graduate student in the History Department, who deftly defused the angry military guy. It was a good event and all of the participants should feel very positive about it!

Here is what the Daily Nebraskan had to say about the "die-in":
Daily Nebraskan on "die-in"

Here are a bunch of photos (click any photo to enlarge):


  1. I was at the game and want to write how much I admire these young people for standing up courageously for their (and all of our) rights! It is heartening to see some action on campus after so long. Great job UNL NFP!

  2. Bravo to all who conducted the die-in. A husker football game is not an easy crowd but you are to be applauded for your work. It gave me goosebumps and helped me remember when season ticket holders Ann Coyne and Don Tilley unfurled the "U.S. Out of El Salvador - Hi ABC" banner in 1985 and marched the perimeter INSIDE the stadium! (before all the new security - this was possible) Great traditions NFP!
    And great messaging as well - asking critical questions!