Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kaya "Phoenix" Jones

Well, it has been a dramatic few days around these parts. On Monday morning at 7:30am, Kaya Jones was hit by a car in front of our house. The story is too long to recount here, but it had something to do with screaming Catholic school girls, an elicit pile of poop, and my own fumbling hands. The end result was Kaya darting directly into the path of an on-coming Honda CRV. Fortunately, she was hit from the center of the car and thus avoided having a tire run over her. In addition, because the CRV sits a little higher than your average car and Kaya is still small, the bumper missed her, which probably saved her from having smashed bones. And, the driver slammed on his brakes as soon as she ran in front of him, so she did not travel all the way under the car and out the other end. In fact, she only made it a foot or two under the car. In essence, the car contorted Kaya and flipped her over and over as it skidded to a halt over her. She bounced right up and ran to our porch, where she left a small pool of blood, and then inside, up our stairs, into the bedroom and under our bed, leaving a disturbing trail of blood the whole way. I scooped her up and raced to the animal hospital where they immediately tranquilized her... daddy could have used a little of that, as well!

Kaya tore up her back left paw and leg quite badly. Her paw required a number of stitches to put it back together. Beyond that, though, we got extremely lucky: no broken bones, no internal damage, no head trauma, no rib displacement, etc. As someone who watched the calamity unfold, I am shocked she isn't much worse off.

Because Kaya appears to have escaped the clutches of death, we have re-christened her with a new middle name. She is now Kaya "Phoenix" Jones. Like the mythic bird, Kaya has risen from what very well might have been the ashes of death out there on J Street. Or, maybe she is just part cat and we are now on life #2... regardless, all are happy to have her home again and on the mend.

Kaya will not be conducting any interviews at this time. She has withdrawn from all upcoming doggy races and squirrel chases.

Here are the latest images... (click any image to enlarge)


Home again, home again...

We had to get her a bigger "cone collar." Question, do those things collect sound? If so, that has got to be kinda trippy.

Mommy likes to spoil the baby. Guess who had to sleep on the couch?

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