Monday, October 08, 2007

Convince Me: Hillary for President?

I would like to invite readers to convince me that I should vote for Hillary Clinton for President. I'm serious. I am having a hard time being enthusiastic at all about her candidacy. I am tired of "triangulation" and deeply suspicious of two families dominating the presidency for more than two decades. I like the idea of our first female President, but can't see that much will be different on the broad strokes of policy under a Clinton II administration.

Again, please offer the best possible argument you can come up with to support Hillary. Hit me with your best shot! I am open and ready to listen...


  1. Well, the silence on this issue means one of two things:

    A) Nobody reads my blog, which is a very real possibility!

    B) No one can muster a compelling argument in support of Hillary.

    Now, nearly 20 folks voted for her in my poll recently, so SOMEONE out there likes what she is selling. So, again, I am open and willing to listen. Please convince me that Hillary makes sense as the Dems' '08 nominee...

  2. Tell you what -- I'll give you a reason ...

    ... just as soon as someone gives me one.

    I'm normally very sympathetic to the Democrats (with my criticism of the Dems for the last decade or so being the fact that they are no longer a liberal party), but she gives me nothing.

  3. Because of her previous experience in the white house and senate, coupled with the people she has surrounded herself with for her campaign, I believe that Hillary could have the executive branch up and running quicker than any other canidate.

    The urgent need for leadership in the nation makes this an important benefit of her potential presidency.


  4. Ant: I'm with you...

    Hi Lucas: Well, honestly, this doesn't sound like a very compelling argument to me. Heck, these folks have from November to March to transition, so all of them should be able to get it rolling. And, it is precisely her coziness with the Establishment (that you cite) that turns me off to her. In the long run, is this technical point really that significant of an issue? Is it actually a reason to vote for someone? It is also interesting, I think, that you don't actually address any of her stances or policies, but rather this technical aspect of a potential Clinton presidency. I think that speaks to the weaknesses of a potential Clinton nomination and the lack of excitement out there in Democrat-land about her nomination...

    I really don't hear too many folks that are ga-ga over Hillary. It is usually some sort of "well, she seems the most electable," which I think is actually a fairly spurious argument, as well. The Repubs WANT Hillary because they think she will rally their depressed base and that she is open to all kinds of attacks. Dems seem to be resigning themselves to her and settling for her when they'd really like someone else. Still seems to me that both Obama and Edwards offer so much more than she does as a President.

    Anyway, thanks for the responses. I'm still searching for a compelling argument... Keep 'em coming.