Sunday, October 14, 2007


OK, many weeks ago on Freedom Road, I thought the air guitar t-shirt was cool, but the "Reactable" synth-table-instrument featured in the YouTube clips below blows that silliness out of the water. Seriously, check this out:

Here is an improv session on the "Reactable":

Bjork has been using this amazing instrument on tour recently. It isn't available for consumers, yet, but plans appear to be in the works to put it on the market. I WANT ONE as soon as it is out for the masses. iPhones? Bush-league. Give me a Reactable!

Wow. Really cool...

What do you think? Anyone else know of other funky, cool instruments out there?

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  1. While its definitely no Reactable, the Korg Kaoss Pad is pretty cool. Its a sampler/effects processor that controls pitch, reverb, distortion and other effects with a finger pad in the middle of two knobs.

    Here is a video of Radiohead using one back in 2001.