Monday, October 15, 2007

☮ Vietnam Mix, pt. 2

Well, leave it to my students. One of them posted a recent version of my Vietnam Mix to the following links. It is a 4-CD version, so not everything listed in my previous post is here, but most of it is. If you want to download it, go for it:

Vietnam Mix CD1
Vietnam Mix CD2
Vietnam Mix CD3
Vietnam Mix CD4

These aren't permanent links ... they might only be available for a couple of days. Also, they might only have a certain amount of downloads on them before they expire, but I thought I'd post 'em nonetheless. Just unzip the files after you download and then import them into whatever audio system you use on your computer.



  1. Do you have the tracklisting for these CDs?


  2. I do, but don't know how to post Word or pdfs to my blog! Email me and I'll send it to you: