Monday, October 08, 2007

Tribe Wins! Aaahhhhhhhhhhh, Tribe WINS!!!!!!

My beloved Cleveland Indians sent the hated New York Yankees packing tonight with an exciting win in the Division Series. They now head to Boston for a tough American League Championship Series against that other dreaded team, the Red Sox. The Yankees' payroll ($195M) was three times the Tribe's ($61) and Boston's payroll ($144M) is more than twice that of the Indians. In fact, only Boston is in the top half of the payroll list (2nd to the Yanks). Cleveland is 23rd, the Rockies 25th and the Diamondbacks 26th out of 30 total teams. So, money definitely does not necessarily buy championships. But, probably, just like the Yankee series, no one will give the Indians a chance in the ALCS, in part because they are a small market team that flies underneath the national media radar for most of the season, but watch out for this young squad. There is a lot of talent there and they've got their mojo workin'...

And, hey, how can you not root for such a lovably loser city like Cleveland. No sports fans in the world have suffered more over the last 50-60 years! So, get on board. The band-wagon is heading to Beantown...


  1. I'm glad to see the tradition of Yankee losses continues for a fifth year. My friend Joe's blog has had a tradition for five years now celebrating the Yankees' defeats despite their disgusting payroll.

  2. Joe's blog:

  3. Go Indians!!!!!!!!