Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sign of the Times: Darwinism vs. Creationism in Ohio

During my Sunday scan of the mainstream and alternative press, I noticed a strange opposition in my home state of Ohio:
Apparently, people are flocking to Cincinnati's fundamentalist-backed "Creation Museum," which opened not too long ago. The museum features dinosaurs alongside Adam & Eve. According to an article posted at, "there is no shortage of references to Darwin [at the museum]... But the clear purpose is to demolish not celebrate them." Here is the full article:

"Americans are Flocking to a Hi-Tech Creation Museum Where Man and Dinosaurs Frolick Happily Together"

Meanwhile, over at, an article announces that Case Western Reserve University plans a year-long celebration of Darwin to "make clear the enduring soundness and profound impact of Darwin's concept." That article can be found here:

"Case to Honor, Celebrate Darwin in 2008-2009"

Is it the 1920s all over again? The Scopes "Monkey" Trial? Anyone seen Clarence Darrow? William Jennings Bryan? It is true, Cincinnati has always been a more culturally conservative city than Cleveland, but I found this juxtaposition interesting, nonetheless...

Any thoughts?

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