Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Presidential Approval: Nixon, Reagan, Clinton & Bush

This is an interesting graphic (click on it to see a larger version). It shows approval rating (0-100%) along the left axis and year in office (1-8) along the bottom axis. The small orange diamonds (the smallest marks on the graph) represent Reagan's approval rating throughout his presidency. The blue squares represent Clinton. Note the similar trajectories of these two presidents over their eight years in office. The yellow dots represent Nixon's approval and the red diamonds represent Bush's approval. Note the post-9/11 and post-Iraq invasion spikes in Bush's numbers, as well as Bush's consistent decline over the last five years. Of course, Nixon's numbers plummet with the Watergate scandal, Reagan's dip below 50% during the Iran-Contra hearings and Clinton's drop to coincide with the Lewinsky/Impeachment crisis... Perhaps surprisingly, Clinton fairs best, overall.

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