Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jake Gillespie

This is Jake Gillespie standing in front of one of his canvases. Jake is a friend here in Lincoln who is also a really great artist. He has had shows in Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago and Lincoln.

Below I've posted a few examples of Jake's work from 2003-2007. Recently, he has been doing video and animation work, in addition to painting. Jake is one of the co-founders of "Tugboat Gallery" in Lincoln, which focuses on younger and emerging artists.

These canvases, done at the beginning of this period, are much more abstract than Jake's later work:

A lot of Jake's work comments on or references popular culture and mass media...

This is a drawing from one of Jake's animated shorts...

Here is a more recent painting, "Alphabet 2, torture and interrogation"...

This one hangs on my wall...

For more information and many more examples of Jake's work, go here...
Jake Gillespie website


  1. Always been a big fan of this one. Partially because I like the name Bruce. Partially because I like beards.

  2. Yo, Justin! So, then, you must also l-o-v-e "The Hulk vs. The Boss," too? Two Bruces for the price of one in that piece, and at least one of them has a beard. Come to think of it... you love guys named "Bruce" and have a thing for beards... you know, you might have made a good gay man in the 1970s!

  3. I remember seeing some of these up at a gallery on 9th, way back in the day.