Friday, August 31, 2007

Ten Lessons from Katrina

This essay, by Bill Quigley, comes from In the intro to the piece, Quigley writes:
The hi-speed catastrophe and no-speed recovery of New Orleans has provided us with unwanted lessons about the nature of the U.S. regime and the criminal class in power. The besieged citizens of the city have, by necessity, become thoroughly politicized, as they cling to home and hearth by their fingernails - while a great Diaspora languishes in scattered patches of the American vastness, internal exiles. Those who remain have undergone a crash course in what it really means to be a citizen of a country that respects only money. They have learned the imperatives of activism, self-reliance, and leadership-creation from the ranks.

Here is the full article:
Bill Quigley, "Two Years of Katrina: The Ten Most Important Lessons Learned"

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