Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Users are Losers"

This is an inset from "Users are Losers," a 1970s anti-drug comic book made in California. (click on the image to enlarge) In many ways, it is typical of the genre, regardless of its publication date: the moralizing and lecturing of the younger generation by various older (and presumably wiser) "authorities" (such as, parents, doctors, scientists, cops, etc.), the alarmist tone, etc. More specific to its historical moment, I think this comic also underscores the growing reaction against the counter-cultural impulses of the 60s and early-70s.

Of course, drug abuse and addiction are serious matters, but these propaganda pieces always seem to end up more comical than compelling... What's up with those funny little zonkered cartoon guys throughout the comic? And, who knew meth was used to cure bed-wetting? Or, what's a sure sign that your kid is a doper? Her/his "ideas become far out"! Remember, "The human brain is made for thinking, not fumigating! Be wise, not wierd!"

To see the full comic, go here:
"Users Are Losers!" comic (1970)

Thanks to Ethan Persoff for digging this up and posting it...

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