Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rally for Alex Svoboda

About 250 people turned out this afternoon for a rally to support Alex Svoboda, the young Lincoln woman who was brutally and unjustly attacked by police officers in North Providence, Rhode Island, recently. Both of Alex's parents spoke emotionally to the crowd about Alex and the incident. They stressed how peaceful Alex is and how proud they are of their daughter's commitment to social justice. They also related the gruesome details of Alex's injuries. In short, the police virtually ripped off Alex's leg. Literally... all four ligaments were torn, the major artery severed, and most of the other connective wiring and tissue in the knee messed up. Alex has a long road back to health and may very well be impaired for the remainder of her life.

Here is the latest Journal Star article:
Journal Star article on rally

Please scroll down to my original post on this case to read more about it and to find out how you can help! Funds are needed to cover the expenses associated with Alex's various surgeries. Letters are needed to express citizen concern over this incident. Again, see below for details...


Here are some photos from today's rally (click any photo to enlarge):

Here is what one person wrote to the newspaper in R.I. I think it is compelling...
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Americans have a sacred right to protest

"News and pictures of the police assault in North Providence on American citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest seem to reinforce the general view held by many around the world that the cause of civil liberty in the United States has taken a beating.

"The excuses for the police excess given by local authorities appear weak, at best. I applaud the courage of the small group of people who took to the streets to try and do something regarding a situation about which they felt strongly. Whether you agree with them or not, I should think that our American friends should be concerned that the freedoms of which Americans have always been justly proud have over recent years been eroded, while the power of the state to silence and intimidate has grown.

"It must not be forgotten that the right to protest and to speak up for the cause of the weak is a sacred right, paid for over the years by the blood of many Americans. It is how progressive change has been achieved in democratic societies.

"I hope that justice in this case will prevail, especially for the young lady who was severely injured."

Robert Neshevich
Milton, Ontario

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