Thursday, September 04, 2008

Best Comeback Evah!

As everyone now knows, in Governor Sarah Palin's cynical, hypocritical, sarcastic, holier-than-thou, deceitful and at times downright mean speech last night and the RNC, the radical conservative evangelical belittled Barack Obama's service as a community organizer. The comment was intensely elitist and condescending, not to mention that it sullied the work and reputations of thousands of good, decent, caring and compassionate people throughout our country, in small towns and big cities, who have been on the front lines in various struggles for equality, justice and dignity for poor people, women, people of color, workers, the elderly, the homeless, the hungry, etc. I'll probably write more on this later, but for now, I think this has got to be the absolutely BEST comeback that I have seen (it appeared as a comment at Andrew Sullivan's blog. Listen up Governor Palin:

“Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontias Pilate was a Governor."

Cut, paste and forward it to all of your friends. Make bumper stickers and t-shirts. The folks at the RNC, ALMOST ALL OF WHOM ARE WHITE, are really mean-spirited and divisive. It was ugly in there. Please reject this kind of politic. Tell your neighbors to do the same. Talk about it. EXPRESS YOURSELF. ACT. The last 7+ years have been terrible. 4-8 years of these folks will be completely unbearable! As Barack said last Thursday, "We, as a nation, are better than that."

UPDATE: This is why I dig Obama. Great comeback to the whole community organizer smear:
Pass it around...

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