Friday, September 05, 2008

The Last Fish

Good Magazine, which is always... well, good, has this sad and disturbing article, The Last Fish.

The essay explores the startling decline in fish off the Atlantic coast:
“'You know when I realized how bad it was?' he will say later, at dusk. 'I looked at my numbers. All these places, and there’s none of them that have fish anymore.' Twenty years ago, if you had come to this spot off Wellfleet or, for that matter, any other along the Atlantic coast of North America, you would have found an ocean still brimming with life. The waters had been fished for hundreds of years, but they still harbored an impressive number of species. And none were more abundant than cod. They seemed innumerable and inexhaustible, and when they disappeared, as if overnight—decimated at last by years of overfishing—it came as a profound shock."

Dag. When are we going to wake up and seriously think through how we live in greater harmony with the natural world around us?

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