Sunday, September 21, 2008

Burning Spear Live at Club Roxbury in Omaha

We went to see roots reggae legend Burning Spear last night at Club Roxbury in Omaha. As usual, the band was smokin' hot, super-rootsy and always conscious. The crowd was also waaaaayy into it, which spurred on the players. Burning Spear, himself, was having a good ole time throughout... as were we. Love that roots-riddim! Praise Jah!

My camera phone didn't work quite as well inside in the dark (I don't have a flash), but I thought I'd post a few shots nonetheless:

Here are a couple of the more well-known cuts by Burning Spear:

"Slavery Days"
Slavery days - Burning Spear

"Marcus Garvey"
marcus garvey - burning spear

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