Friday, September 26, 2008

Diversionary Tactics... Psychedelic Ads!

In honor of John McCain's never-ending, chicken-shit diversionary tactics, I take this opportunity to step away from all the political and economic silliness swirling around right now, to show you some really trippy ads and psa's from the 1970s:

Here is a psychedelic bicentenniel ad by the U.S. Information Agency:

Peter Max video for The Beatles, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds":

Here is the infamous 1974 7-Up "Bubbles" ad ("We see the light of 7-Up!"):

Here is the follow-up 1975 ad by 7-Up:

Sesame Street's Psychedelic Alphabet:

Here is a Hanna Barbara Anti-Drug PSA from 1970:

Here is an anti-smoking PAS by Peter Max:

Here's a 1968 Peter Max 7-Up ad:

Here is a 1970s Peter-Mix-ish Intermission Cartoon:

Trippy 1970s Cinema Ad:

Psychedelic McDonald's Ad:

Here's a trippy Levi's Blue Jeans ad from 1977:

F&F Throat Aid psychedelic ad:

And even Campbell's Soup got in the act:

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