Friday, September 12, 2008

Powerful New Ad Hits Palin on Aerial Hunting

This hard-hitting ad, created by Defenders of Wildlife, goes up in the crucial swing-state of Ohio.

Dag. That is a tough ad. Any thoughts? One person over at DailyKos suggested that the ad would be even more powerful if it featured a manly-man hunter, or a prominent hunter, saying that this type of hunting is lame and that most sportsmen oppose this kind of thing.

DOF is hoping to air the ad in other swing states, too. So, if you think this is effective, let them know and maybe even contribute to the organization.

As with all this good counter-politicking by Obama and his supporters, be sure to spread the word by forwarding this ad to as many folks as you know, particularly anyone you know who is on the fence or undecided.

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  1. oh my god. that made me cry. she is a despicable human being all around. i have to go hug my dogs now.