Tuesday, December 11, 2007

As Iowa Nears, Clinton Allies Quietly Raise Obama's Cocaine Use

This is exactly what kills it for me with the Clintons. Here they are AGAIN caught in the act of a devious, behind the scenes, seedy smear campaign. I suggest that this kind of stuff reveals a more essential truth about Hillary and Bill and what drives them than anything we've seen or heard on the stump. It is so clear that personal ambition is their driving force. Obama's been on the record about his drug use for a while now. And, the off-the-record, behind-the-scenes strategy is purposely aimed at creating a more generalized sense of doubt, or negativity, or unsteadiness, out their in the media/political ether about Obama. It is all about branding impressions and feelings toward the candidates in the electorate, in this case negative ones about Obama...

Anyway, here is the story:
Clintons Spread Coke Stories About Obama


  1. The attempts to smear Obama, whether it's from the media (i.e., Fox News' allegation that he attended a "radical" madrasah) or from the Clinton camp, reveal that nothing seems to stick to him, which is encouraging. At the very least Obama's poll numbers haven't given way while he has continued to make ground and slightly surpass Clinton in Iowa.

    Although I'd prefer to see Kucinich in the White House, I'll overwhelmingly support Obama over Clinton. I'm typically turned off by electoral campaigning, yet I'm tempted to help campaign for Obama just before the Iowa primary during winter break (I'm sure some of my old NE Green Party colleagues wouldn't be too happy about that).

    Since Nebraska's primary influence is a hair more than nil, have you considered doing anything for Obama in the Iowa primary?

  2. The hard stuff might be coming... soon apparently. The word is that they are going to frame it as a "character problem" for Obama. It will be interesting to see how it plays, if it does come. It is not without risk for the Clintons, that is for sure...

    Kucinich. Naw. He's my parents' representative in Cleveland. Of course, his policies line up better with mine, too, but remember that politics ain't just policies and positions, it is charisma and leadership. The ability to lead and build inter-connections between people. Kucinich has none of that. Really. Absolutely none.

    And, of course, it is the age old question: do you stay politically "pure" by always going with the lovable loser who has it more right on the issues, or do you choose among the more "viable" candidates the one that offends the least? Do you play on the field that is set up already, or do you stand outside the bounds yelling at those inside? I've gone both ways depending on the historical moment. I voted for Nader. But now, in this moment, post-Bush, winning matters for the Dems. They need to win. Really. So, purity is not as high on my list in this historical moment.

    Working in Iowa is a great idea!

  3. Whatever - everyone that reads Freedom Road, including its kickass writer, will be cheering for Hillary six months from now. You'll quickly have forgotten all of Clinton's evil deeds. ...anything to beat Rudy, right? (or maybe Mike Huckabee!?!?)

    Ughh...According to that photo you posted, Hillary is even better looking now than she was 30 years ago.

    And hey, wasn't Roger Clinton caught on tape once saying, "Bill has a nose like a vacuum cleaner" ?

  4. Uh... Phil... no. I may hold my nose and vote for Hillary, if it comes to that (please God don't let it come to that!!!), but I have never been and will never be a Clinton apologist...

  5. At least Obama was open about his usage, as opposed to some past candidates.

    I must say I'm extremely surprised at the poll results cited in the HuffPost article:

    One, a survey by Scripps Howard, found that 58 percent of respondents believed American voters are not ready to accept a president "who tried cocaine as an adult." The other, by the New York Times, found that 74 percent said most people they know would not vote for a presidential candidate who has ever used cocaine.

    Interesting that in both surveys, the question was not phrased as "how would you vote?" but "how do you think others would vote?"

  6. Uhhh... it is also pretty widely recognized that the current guy in the Whitehouse had a bit of a blow problem.

    The story is growing, though. The partner of the NH governor, who is a Clinton friend, has now said publicly today that he is concerned the Republicans will make Obama's drug use an issue... Right. Republicans. Uh-huh.

  7. I'm going to bookmark this page and remind you of it six months from now when you're singing the praises of Hillary ;-)

  8. Feel free, cous. I ain't NEVER been a big fan of conservative Democrats like Clinton. I don't plan to start now, particularly after all this slimy anti-Obama crap. As I wrote, I might hold my nose and vote for her, but I won't be cheering her on.

    And when you are wrong, what will you send me from Finland!??!!

  9. Joe, see my comment in the next post on this subject. Yes, it bit them, but they are apparently pleased behind the scenes. It got the stink out there. Now they hope it will have a life of its own...

    It is good to see them eat a little crow, but I think it works in some more complex ways than that.