Friday, December 14, 2007

The Story of Stuff

One of the major concerns I have about the environment and which I think often gets over-shadowed in all the (justified) hoopla about greenhouse gasses, is "our problem with stuff," our addiction to material things, to the over-consumption of non-essential goods. We simply live a massively unsustainable way of life. Any environmental movement has to confront this reality...

Annie Leonard has created a delightful short film (20 minutes total) on this issue, titled, "The Story of Stuff, " which combines animation and humor to make a very creative progressive argument. Check it out and pass along the link to your friends and family. Everyone should see this:

Ch. 1: Introduction (2:37)

Ch. 2: Extraction (2:05)

Ch. 3: Production (3:27)

Ch. 4: Distribution (1:59)

Ch. 5: Consumption (6:35)

Ch. 7: Another Way (2:04)

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