Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Clinton Dirty Trick Machine

What'd I tell you... The smear is in effect. Yesterday, Billy Shaheen, confidante and Clinton campaign co-chair in NH, publicly attacked Obama about his well-known, already been there done that past drug use. The term "henchman" comes to mind:
Shaheen Smears Obama for Clintons

Here's what Thomas Edsall wrote on the subject:
Edsall on the Sheehan Smear

And now this morning Dark Prince of the Right, Robert Novak, who broke the story about the secret Clinton smear of Obama a week or so ago, now details the broader behind-the-scenes smear campaign that has been on-going for quite a while now, apparently. Again, the point is not the specific issue raised but rather to create the overall impression of doubt about Obama:
Novak on the Clinton Smear Campaign

Is this the kind of politics you want? As I wrote previously, this reveals a more essential truth about the Clintons than anything we've seen on the stump or in debates.

If you are reading this, I hope you will spread the word about how slimy the Clintons have turned as their desperate grasp for more power falters. I hope you will write directly to the Clinton campaign and tell them you will not vote for her BECAUSE of these dirty tricks. I hope you will write your local paper denouncing these politics of personal destruction.



  1. Right, although I think Chris Mathews had it right (for once) when he stated tonight that this is the way it goes in D.C. and everyone knows it: Clintons have Shaheen say what they don;t want to say publicly. When the heat gets turned up by opponents, the offender steps down, apologizes and says Clinton had nothing to do with it. Yet, the bad stuff is already out there and the damage done. Next, in a few months, the Clintons hire him back in another capacity when the media glare dies down.

    There is absolutely no way this was a lone wolf action. Shaheen is in on regular campaign calls and he is crucial to the Clinton campaign in NH. This is all play-acting. The smear happened.

    I think both campaigns feel like this is a winner for them. For Clinton, the derogatory stuff is out there in the ether sucking perfectly good oxygen that might otherwise be used on issues. For Obama, it is good because it appears to affirm what many already know/believe about the Clintons: they play dirty and slimy. He can also slam back, if he wants, with it now being justified.

    We shall see the ultimate outcome in a few weeks when the actual voting starts.