Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Black People Love Us!

More on the continuing adventures of "whiteness" in America... In this episode, "Sally" and "Johnny" revel in the love they receive from their black friends. They are so happy, they've created a website: "Black People Love Us"

On a related note, over at, Alex Jung has a very interesting and useful article about the "ten misunderstandings white liberals have about race."

Here are the ten misunderstandings:

1. White supremacy? You mean white men in white sheets?
2. I'm not racist, but ...
3. Colorblind as a bat.
4. Kumbaya, multiculturalism!
5. It's not a "[insert racial group here]" issue as much as it is a "human" issue.
6. One of my best friends is [insert nonwhite group here]!
7. How could I have white privilege? I'm poor/female/gay/Polish/disabled!
8. The white savior complex.
9. "Good" people of color
10. All that guilt.

To read Jung's explanation of each one, check out the article and then post a comment...

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