Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Hawk-In-Chief?

More evidence that Hillary's claims that she is an agent of change and that she will end the war in Iraq are all a bunch of election-tailored hoo-ey.

Stephen Zunes, over at Foreign Policy in Focus, has a devastating analysis of Hillary Clinton's record on foreign policy... and unless you love militarism, it ain't pretty. In short, he writes,
While much attention has been given to Senator Hillary Clinton’s support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, her foreign policy record regarding other international conflicts and her apparent eagerness to accept the use of force appears to indicate that her fateful vote authorizing the invasion and her subsequent support for the occupation and counter-insurgency war was no aberration. Indeed, there’s every indication that, as president, her foreign policy agenda would closely parallel that of the Bush administration. Despite efforts by some conservative Republicans to portray her as being on the left wing of the Democratic Party, in reality her foreign policy positions bear a far closer resemblance to those of Ronald Reagan than they do of George McGovern.

For the full article, click here:
"Hillary Clinton on Military Policy"

Here is the main webpage for Foreign Policy in Focus, in case you want to poke around further there:
Foreign Policy in Focus

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