Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Clinton Sleaze Machine

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

This is ridiculous. Who is going to stand up and call this for what it is: The Clinton Sleaze Machine in full effect.

Seriously, for weeks behind the scenes the Clinton minions have spread whispering fears about Obama, stating he has a "slush fund," that they have some unnamed dirt on him, that he is a drug user/dealer. Then, coincidentally I'm sure - nudge, nudge, wink, wink - as their poll numbers went into a tailspin, surrogates of the Clintons began making these slimy back door attacks publicly: Shaheen on Obama's drug use followed by Hillary's campaign chair repeating the word "cocaine" ad nauseum on Hardball; Bob Kerry at a Hillary endorsement event backhands Obama with the "Muslim madrassa" madness. Now, word that the Clintons supporters might be behind the rumors of John Edwards's "love child" with a former aid are swirling:
Hillary Supporter Heads National Enquirer

Meanwhile, as her minions are on the march engaging in the "politics of personal destruction," she and her handlers play a "softer, gentler" side of Hillary in public. Gross.

This is how the Clintons have always played their politics. Slash and burn. Personal ambition and power over all else, regardless of the damage it does, regardless of the truth of things. It is very "Rove-ian," actually, or "Carvel-ian". They know full well that the smear gets front page coverage and is pushed along through the media echo chamber. They let the hit sink in and cause a nice bruise, then they come forward and deny involvement, distance themselves from the original smear with a lot of "gee-golly-ing" and "shucks-ing," "boy, we were just as surprised as you were"... But, the damage has been done: The negative ideas are out there in the political ether to be repeated and rehashed for weeks and months through rumor and innuendo, the whole point to create a generalized negative impression in voters minds and on their emotions. It is a well-known political trick that if you throw enough slop, something is bound to stick.

So, why aren't they being more forcefully called to task for this sleaze? "Inquiring minds want to know!"

And, of course, that is not all. Bill has had to sever ties with some his most sleazy political friends. It has come to light he has a bunch of money stashed in the Cayman Islands (now why do people stash money in the Caymans??). Earlier, Clinton fund-raiser Hu was arrested for corruption. And on and on and on and on... Is this the politics of reform and change?? Hell no!

Oh, and this just in, as the Clintons were trashing Obama because of his drug use - remember, "He's not electable because the Repubs have this age-old drug use to use against him" - it turns out that the Republicans have the entire Secret Service records of the Clintons, which track their every move and detail their every corruption, private and public. Uhhhhh.. which do you think is potentially more damning, the stale Obama drug story, or the many, many revelations that are certain to be in those SS records? Which makes their candidate less electable?

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