Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Figuring Out the "Green Economy"

There has been a lot of talk this political season about the so-called "green economy." That sounds good and all, but what the hell is it and how should we be thinking about it? Here are a few good essays on various aspects of the green economy to help you on your way:

- Ben Jervey asks, "What Color is Your Collar: Toward a Definition of Green Collar."

- Adele Stan asks, What will the green economy will look like? "We all say we want to go green, but do we all see the same kinds of change when we imagine an eco-friendly economy?"

- Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser writes about the green revolution on campus. And here is a green spotlight on New York University.

- Preeti Mangala Shekar and Tram Nguyen want to make sure the "green wave" doesn’t leave out communities of color. Van Jones agrees.

- Jason Walsh and Sarah White, in "Global Green Jobs," suggest that "greater awareness of the promise of a green economy allows us to challenge the too-familiar "jobs vs. the environment" frame." Ian Kim similarly suggests "eco-equity" for all workers!

- Kevin Danaher argues that a new strategic focus for progressives must include a green economy.

- Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello and Brendan Smith argue that "MLK, Jr. died fighting to make green-collar jobs good jobs." Now, others at Green For All have taken on his work. The same authors write about hopeful signs in the green economy. There are signs of life in the Oakland green economy, as well.

- Several authors, here, here and here, argue that the way out of the current global economic mess must be built upon a green economic model.

- Two good books on the green economy are here and here.

- The Ella Baker Center has some nice teaching tools on the green economy for those of you who want to integrate these issues into your classrooms.

- David Korten gave a very interesting presentation at the April 2008 Seattle Green Festival, "Navigating The Great Turning From Empire To Earth Community."

- Mark Harris debunks the green mythology surrounding Whole Foods.

- Here is Obama's plan for a green economy.

Do you know of any good resources to help understand green economics and the profound transformation we need to undertake if we are to live in healthy balance with the natural word? If so, please post them in the comments section...

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