Thursday, October 09, 2008

"The Palin Mob": Strongsville, Ohio

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. There are many things I love about my hometown, but the pervasive and often overt racism and ignorance of many white people there is not one of them. This video, titled "The Palin Mob," gives a good indication of what I am talking about. The footage was taken recently outside a Palin/McCain rally in Strongsville, which is just South of Cleveland:

I'd be lying if I wrote that this stuff surprises me. Having lived in Cleveland, it does not. In fact, I hate to tell you that this is fairly mild compared to what you might turn up in this beleaguered de-industrialized city. It is a good indication of what the Obama campaign is up against not only in Ohio, but in many depressed or working-class communities across the country.

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