Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Night Football in Cleveland!

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My brother Chris and I went to see the Monday Night Football game last night in Cleveland between the Browns and the Giants. It was a perfect early Fall night, in the mid-70s throughout the game, and whadyaknow, the Browns pulled off a HUGE upset by defeating the defending Super Bowl champion Giants! In fact, it was a total drubbing. We had a blast. Here we are...
Here are some die-hard fans, faces painted and all, before the game started:
My brother and I have season tickets in the 4th row, at the 45 yard line, right behind the Browns bench. You are so close that when my brother gets obnoxious and yells at the players, they can hear him:
Here is one of the dejected Giants fans that sat in the row behind us after the Browns put the game away in the 4th quarter (those 16 beers he had didn't help, either):
Unfortunately, I mysteriously broke my camera lens at the beginning of the game, so I didn't really get many decent photos, other than the one of the stadium above and the Giants fan. The color/focus is off on all the others and the one of my brother and I was taken with my phone. Oh, well. The Brownies won and that was worth a broken camera lens, I suppose. For one night, there was joy in Mudville!

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